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Recycle Please supports collection, recovery and recycling, because nearly all of what’s in your mailbox, as well as your electronic equipment, can be securely recycled into new material and uses when you’re through with it. This site, managed by the Direct Marketing Association, is designed to give U.S. consumers and organizations/businesses information to help support community recovery and recycling of mixed paper from discarded mail, used catalogs, used magazines, discarded paper packaging and used digital & electronic devices so that the materials can be put to reuse safely and cleanly.

The “Recycle Please” logo is your indication that the material you’re handing can be recycled in communities across the country where recycling collection facilities likely may exist. The campaign supports the Direct Marketing Association Board of Directors’ second “green goal” which supports increased recycling collection in support of global markets for recovered fiber, and to increased production of papers and packaging with recycled content. Further, the campaign seeks to increase awareness that electronic communication has a waste impact and recycling need as well – in the breadth of computers, mobile telephones and equipment used to support email, search, social media and Internet marketing & commerce.

‘RECYCLE PLEASE’ Participation is Easy and Profitable
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