On Thursday, DMA partnered with Mobile Marketer to serve up the 5th Annual Mobile Marketing Day at DMA’s New York City headquarters.  This intimate gathering of nearly 100 marketers from around the industry allowed participants to sit back and ask questions of the mobile experts, while leaning deeply into the hottest topics surrounding mobile: including mobile versus mobility, the social/mobile connection, apps, analytics/results, big data, privacy, and mobile product development. The day rounded out with a panel discussing the key trends in mobile advertising and marketing.

Mobile has moved beyond the device  —  from a marketing channel to a marketing strategy that stretches across all channels, from interactive direct mail to mobile-enabled websites (universal design) to the app market and beyond. It’s exciting to be a marketer in this time of mobile and data innovation.


2014 continues to be the year of mobile marketing innovation — and Mobile Marketing Day kicked off with mobile maven Michael Becker sharing his insights around — just that — mobile innovation.  Michael showed us how mobile has been the only channel to continue to grow and innovate while not leaving the “old” technology behind. “Mobile today encompasses computing – computers and laptops, mobile, smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech like Google glasses,” said Becker.  “The space is exploding with BLE technology, wearable technology, and the continued evolution of augmented reality. Data gives us the power to serve our customers what they need and delight them with the potential of new products or services that are aligned with who they are.”

Other highlights of the day:

Jeff Hasen, DMA Instructor and CMO of Mobivity, encouraged the audience to be braver and more mobile. “We have finally gone from the Kool-Aid drinking stage to the mobile matters to marketers stage because consumers have moved their work, life, and play activities to mobile,” he said.  “Now marketers must focus on keeping pace with their marketing outreach on the most personal medium of all time. SMS and optimized email clearly are not being used to their full scope to add mobile to their multichannel CRM mix but, the potential is there.”



Jeff was followed by an amazing brand, Earth’s Best organic baby food, sharing not only samples of their product, but samples of their mobile marketing journey alongside their agency partners ICED Media. Robyn Mermelstein, Category Manager from Earth’s Best shared their journey from Web strategy to meeting moms — both on mobile and cross devices. For Mermelstein, knowing her customer – the moms of the 4.1 million babies that born each year – is her most crucial strategy. ICED Media was able to help her take that understanding and genuine care to meet the mom’s where and when they are. “Mom’s are reading about our product on their phone at 3:00 a.m. while nursing, falling asleep and picking it back up on their iPad the next day,” she said.  “It is crucial for us to be available when and where they need us.”


At lunch, event sponsor, Mind Stream Analytics’ Robert Dayton ditched the sales pitch to share real thought leadership around how CMOs can create value and deliver results from technology “by seeking customer engagement while overcoming the challenges of technology areas they’re not familiar with, integrating data from different sources and extracting value from it.”



Mobile Innovation was up next, with co-founder Rytis Vitkauskas. presenting an overview of this new and innovative so/mo/lo in real-time mobile app. The product is Yplan, built on the premise “why plan” to go to events when you can do it last minute through this app, which allows users to get the best prices, to the best places, with local faces.

Next, things got serious as Venable’s Kelly DeMarchis covered the legal landscape around mobile, and the unsettled issues over privacy, data collection, ad targeting, tracking, and legislation that could dilute the full potential of mobile advertising, marketing, and commerce.  She also highlighted self-regulatory efforts, namely the Digital Advertising Alliance (of which DMA is a founder) and its recently released Mobile Guidance to help marketers with their permissible use of multi-site, cross-app, precise location, and personal directory data. The participants really leaned into the topic, asking questions to help navigate these choppy waters. Read more about Kelly’s session here.


The day rounded out with a panel discussion highlighting mobile trends and how to embrace the mobile journey, including: Bill Aurnhammer, founder/CEO, Aurnhammer, Taylor Burton, manager of northeast advertising solutions, Paypal Media Network; Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan Mobile; Mark Friedman, chief revenue officer, Genesys Cloud; Lou Mastria, managing director, Digital Advertising Alliance, and Harry Kargman, CEO, Kargo.   Among “bullish” trends noted were in-store, opt-in engagement with consumers; mobile commerce and corresponding mobile payments utility and growth; increased use of personalization on mobile devices to meet rising consumer expectations there; and increasing career interest in mobile technology and user engagement.

As marketers, we are living in an amazing and interesting time of opportunity and innovation. Until next year, as a tweeter said – embrace the mobile journey and make every day #mobilemarketingday. 

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