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Donor Intimacy: Fostering Close Connections with Contributors – Live from DMA’s Washington Nonprofit Conference

By: Michael Uehlein
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A personal touch for donors can go a long way for nonprofit and advocacy organizations. It provides a connection, leaves an impact, and brings a donor closer to the organization to which they contribute. But what do those touches look…read more →

LinkedIn’s Russell Glass: Predictions and Tips for Leveraging Marketing Analytics

By: Susan Taplinger
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As Head of Marketing Products for LinkedIn, it’s a good bet that Russell Glass knows a thing or two about where marketing analytics are headed. Glass, who will be keynoting at the upcoming Marketing Analytics Conference, recently shared his insights with DMA on significant…read more →

Cut Out the Bias – How to Achieve Mobile Marketing Success in 2015 and Beyond – Interview with Anna Visioli of Coldwell Banker Real Estate

By: Susan Taplinger
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Marketers who want to be successful in the mobile space need to stop obsessing about devices, and start listening to what consumers really want and need. So says Anna Visioli, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Coldwell Banker Real Estate,…read more →