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Do The Right Thing: DMA Ethics & Compliance

Do not just what is legal, but what is right.

That is the mandate for all DMA members and our call to the industry for every data-driven marketer and supplier. DMA self-regulatory guidelines are the most effective alternative to heedless or restrictive regulation. They set a high bar for responsible marketing, and are flexible enough to address ongoing changes in technology, markets, consumer interest and new business practices. The DMA Ethics Policy and Ethics Operation committees develop, update and enforce our Ethical Guidelines as part of our public trust with regulators and consumers.

DMA has just released its 2013-2014 Annual Ethics Compliance Report, which reports on recent consumer complaint trends, offers ethics guidance, and, most importantly, reports on instances of non-compliance to hold such companies publicly accountable. Over the 18-month reporting period, DMA received 13,500 consumer marketing inquiries, held nine meetings of its Ethics Operating Committee to review ethical violations, and reviewed 48 cases of potential non-compliance with DMA’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice. For all the latest information on keeping your company in compliance, download the full report here.

DMA asks that its members abide by consumer choices for their marketing offers, regardless of the marketing channels used, as a condition of membership. The DMA provides several suppression file services to its subscribers – both members and non-members of the Association – to process as they prepare marketing and fundraising campaigns. Please download the complete DMA Preferences Services information now as part of your company’s ethical marketing compliance efforts.

DMA requires all marketers to follow these ethical business guidelines. Companies found to be out of compliance – member or not – are reported on this page, suspended from DMA membership, and referred to the appropriate authorities.

Complaints are accepted from DMA members, consumers and others.

The DMA Ethics Operating Committee reviews consumer complaints, and issues an Annual Case Report of its findings.

DMA Guidelines on Ethical Business Practice [PDF]
NEW DMA Ethics Compliance Report (PDF)

DMA staff may be reached via for questions or concerns.


  • Novixor (Non-member)
  • LCG – Reduce My Balance (Non-member)
  • Tiffany knockoff company “” (Non-member)
  • VSC Administration (Non-member)
  • American Tribune (Non-member)
  • Bank Capital Direct (Non-member)
  • Quadriga Art (Past Member) & Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) (Non-member)
  • Vista Print (Non-member)
  • National Magazine Service (Non-member)
  • Safecount (Non-member)
  • PMB Sweeps (Non-member)

These companies are not currently in compliance with DMA’s ethical guidelines. For details, download the full compliance report. For questions, please contact