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February 10th Edition


TED Steals Cue from DMA

Next week, superstar musician (and the star of last year’s &THEN15 event from DMA) will take the stage at TED


January 27th Edition

hot zone cc

Disrupt your marketing quo.

Recognizing the growing imperative to connect with audiences in more meaningful ways, brands today are struggling to find new ways to harness disruptive innovation.


January 13th Edition


Thirsty for out-of-the-bottle marketing?

Then Shazam – to drink-in this ECHO™ Elite case study from Coke Zero – and Ogilvy New York


December 30th Edition


Mobile? Hashtag? Selfie? Overeducated? Underemployed? Lena Dunham?

Think again, says StumbleUpon’s Head of Marketing – Anne Gherini




December 23rd Edition


Some say technology is robbing children of their innocence.

Learn how one agency gave it back – with SantApp, a PHYGITAL strategy that engaged thousands of consumers – and resulted in real business gains.


December 8th Edition


The 5 Second Rule

As marketers, we all do extraordinary things every day for our customers. Now discover a radical idea that will forever alter the approach you take to your own career – and business


November 18th Edition


The Era of Cognitive Marketing

IBM Watson, the computer that annihilated the winningest champions in Jeopardy! history — is back. And, with expanded learning capabilities, Watson is focusing on insights and applications it can bring to modern marketers.

Find out how you can churn through oceans of data to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.


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