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Peggy Hudson

Senny-Boone For over three decades, Peggy has been successfully representing business interests in Washington, DC. Her special strengths include a broad and powerful network, a sophisticated understanding of political strategy, refined organizational skills, and a demonstrated ability to further industry agendas by working within the public policy process.

Until appointed to the position at DMA, she was CEO of Hudson Global Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm representing clients in strategic planning, public policy, business development and government affairs.

Peggy was Vice President of Federal and International Affairs for energy giant BP. In this role, not only did she manage BP’s Federal government relations strategy and ran the Washington office, but additionally she represented the company in the US in front of representatives from countries across the globe. She successfully led BP’s lobbying on three comprehensive energy bills, represented BP concerning the Alaska Gas Pipeline and participated in dialogues with diplomats in Eastern Europe and many other global regions.

Before joining BP, Peggy served as Vice President of the American Portland Cement Alliance, a national trade association representing cement manufacturers. In that capacity, she transformed the presence of the cement industry within the Federal policy process. Under her leadership, the APCA moved away from its low key approach of simply monitoring Federal issues to become a dynamic force on Capitol Hill and to the Executive Branch. This takes strategic staff development and collaborative support.

Peggy’s experience in representing business interests also includes work at the National Federation of Independent Business, where she directed lobbying on issues concerning over 600,000 small and independent business owners; and with steel and engineering company, Korf Industries, Inc., where she directed legislative, regulatory, grassroots and PAC matters.

Peggy has been known both for her ability to build relationships at all levels and for her skill at framing issues, developing strategy and delivering results. Her success has been recognized prominently in “Washingtonian Magazine” featuring “100 Most Powerful Women” and “Washington Life Magazine” featuring “The Power of 100”.

Peggy has been called upon to serve as a board member and leader for numerous boards and organizations, including past president of both Business Government Relations Council and Association of Former Senate Aides, and a former board member of the Bryce Harlow Foundation. But Washington insiders understand that Peggy’s warmth and charm are combined with a demonstrated ability to shape the policy debate and further the business interests of her clients.

Peggy was born in Charleston, SC and currently lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, Bill. Her daughter, Jocelyn is in the association field in Washington, DC; and her son, Zack, is in hospitality in Jackson Hole, WY.

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