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Conversion Optimization Certificate

The Conversion Optimization Certificate provides a comprehensive overview of landing page optimization. This digital optimization course utilizes real-world examples of what works, what doesn’t, and the steps to take for further testing in order to demonstrate best practices for visitor retention and increases conversions.

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Getting users to click through to your site is only half the battle, so what’s the real goal? The key is getting them to purchase, register, or fill out your contact form so that you capture their information. This intensive online course provides you with a comprehensive overview of landing page optimization and takes you through real-world examples of what works, what doesn’t, and the steps to take for further testing. From your expert instructors, you’ll learn how to retain visitors to your site and increase your conversion rates.


  • Developing an optimization framework
  • Understanding your customers: The four personas
  • Why landing pages work
  • Establishing credibility with your users
  • Optimizing web copy
  • Conversion optimization toolbox

Course Pricing

  • dollar Member - $1,399
  • dollar Non-Member - $1,699
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Course Duration

  • 20-30 hrs

Developing an Optimization Framework

  • How to calculate your traffic’s sales potential
  • How to tell which keywords reveal a lot about visitor intent
  • How to save time by disqualifying certain visitors
  • What A/B testing can do for you
  • Conversion versus persuasion

Understanding your Customers: The Four Personas

  • The four basic personas and their customer behavior
  • How to model customer behavior
  • How to associate picture with your customer personas
  • How to map out the structure of your website to fit your personas
  • How to tell a story that sells

The Testing Cycle

  • Prioritizing the potential changes to your website
  • Why your conversion rate is fundamental to the testing process
  • The three main factors to consider before you begin testing
  • How to properly set up a test
  • What to test first

Why Landing Pages Work

  • Learning to understand what motivates and influences people
  • The three types of action pages
  • Nine variables to include in your landing page and five dimensions to rate them
  • How to get your customers’ attention – and keep them engaged
  • 30 key optimization factors broken into four main categories

Establishing Credibility with Your Users

  • Why trust is so hard to develop on the internet
  • The top reasons consumers leave a retailer
  • How to use contact information to increase confidence levels
  • The need for caution when using stock photography
  • How to create a great ‘about-us’ page that establishes trust with your customers

Maintaining Scent

  • Where the biggest opportunities are to improve conversion rates
  • Why design is as important for maintaining scent as copy and content
  • Which metrics are good tools for measuring the strength of scent
  • Why keywords are never to blame for low conversion rates
  • How to effectively insert keywords into a landing page dynamically

Attention Interest Decision Action Satisfaction (AIDAS)

  • How to ensure you are satisfying each stage of AIDAS
  • Which little things matter the most to conversion
  • Why it’s critical to ensure your “add to cart” button is above the fold
  • How coupon codes can cause conversion problems
  • Why your return policy should be prominently featured in the checkout process

Optimizing Web Copy

  • 10 steps to improve your copy
  • Why headlines are so important to conversion
  • How the first mental image of your website affects the mindset of visitors
  • Why words are the most effective means of persuading on the web
  • How to change adjectives to verbs and increase your persuasive copy

The Voice of the Customer

  • What makes customers want to talk about your product
  • Three triggers for word of mouth stories
  • How to leverage word of mouth reviews
  • How to correctly implement customer reviews on your site
  • How to help visitors find the right products

Conversion Optimization Toolbox

  • Bryan’s basic tools
  • Tools for testing site load time
  • Tools for image optimization to enhance load time
  • Bryan’s personal “Battleship Grid”
  • Tools for quick and effective usability testing

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