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SEO Certificate

In this comprehensive certification course, expert instructors will illustrate all the on-page and off-page techniques you need to build a fully SEO-optimized website. Whether you’re just starting out new to SEO concepts, or a seasoned professional looking for a reference guide, this course covers all critical checklist items.

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Have you Googled your company? Are you at the top of that listing? Make sure search engines and your audience can find your site by mastering today's evolving search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. In this comprehensive certification course, expert instructors will illustrate all the on-page and off-page techniques you need to build a fully SEO-optimized website. Whether you're just starting out new to SEO concepts, or a seasoned professional looking for a reference guide that covers all critical checklist items, this is a course you'll return to again and again.


  • SEO fundamentals and best practices
  • Designing a comprehensive and successful program
  • Effective copywriting for SEO
  • SEO for mobile devices
  • Keyword research for competitive analysis
  • Optimizing for local search results

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Better understand how search engines see on-page content, title tags, and meta descriptions
  • checkmark Explore the creation of strategies and techniques that get the whole team on board
  • checkmark Discover how to build an effective inbound link strategy

About The Instructor

Matt Bailey
They all agree; Matt Bailey successfully dismantles the complexity of online marketing into practical, understandable concepts. ... Read More »

Course Pricing

  • dollar Member - $1,399
  • dollar Non-Member - $1,699
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Course Duration

  • 20-30 hrs

SEO Fundamentals and Best Practices

  • How to write page titeles that the search engines love
  • The importance of a well-organized website architecture hierarchy
  • How Meta Description tags are best utilized in today’s search-based web culture
  • How search engines really view your headers, footers and navigation elements
  • How to write effective page copy with current best practices in mind

SEO Design & Architecture: Foundations of Quality SEO

  • Making your site more accessible and more search friendly
  • Understanding how and where to draw the line between usability and SEO
  • Proper site architecture for large sites, small sites and blog sites
  • Keyword research and its relationship to site architecture
  • Bulding an internal aarchitecture that optimizes your chances for ranking well

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Building a solid keyword list for your site
  • How and where to blend long tail and short tail terms into your strategy
  • Analyzing your competition and finding out where they are vulnerable
  • Developing a realistic timeline for competitive term ranking
  • How to use the many tools at your disposal

SEO Copywriting

  • Optimal keyword sorting strategies to maximize your exposure
  • Writing effective page copy for both search engines and site visitors
  • Writing compelling meta description to bring users to your site from the search results
  • Optimizing your title tags for maximum effectiveness
  • Strategies for building “exact match” phrases without spamming the engines

Link-Building Strategies, Techniques and Tools

  • The types of links available and which ones to try to get
  • Strategies for requesting links from 3rd party websites
  • The ins and outs of purchasing paid links
  • Engaging the blogging community for links
  • Negotiating for links

Optimizing for Local Search Results

  • The top 10 local search ranking factors
  • Improving the trust your business has with search engines
  • Optimizing the pages that are most important to search engines
  • Strategies for premium listings in the search engines
  • Staying away from PPC when driving traffic to local search results

Optimizing for Mobile Search Results

  • Optimizing specifically for mobile search results
  • The importance of .mobi domain name
  • Building an effective text message campaign
  • Integrating mobile into your marketing mix
  • Building dynamic and hybrid pages to optimize the mobile user experience

SEO Project Management

  • Learning to be an SEO evangelist
  • Cultivating relationships with all marketing, management and development teams
  • How getting your SEO in shape projects permanently into the development lifecycle
  • Using your QA teams to your advantage
  • Reporting techniques when delivering SEO results to management

Are you just dying to attend one of DMA’s Education seminars this year, but you’re not sure how to convince your boss to let you attend? Try one of these approaches.

  • “I know budgets are tight, but this is an opportunity that pays for itself instantly. A single tip from any of the DMA seminar could pay for the costs of the whole training. I’ll be learning secrets from practicing experts and industry thought leaders.”
  • “I’ll become more proficient in industry best practices, as well as on the latest tactics and technologies in today’s ever‐evolving marketing landscape. From direct mail to data governance, social media to email marketing; the DMA has all of our needs covered.”

I can share what I learned after the seminar; maybe host a brown‐bag working lunch and present the team with all the new techniques, strategies, and ideas I’ll come back with. Combining my own notes and ideas with the session handouts provided by the DMA, I’ll have plenty of inspiration and information to share when I return. Besides… this’ll allow everyone to get trained all for the price of sending just one person; and the team will definitely appreciate the opportunity to find out about the latest strategies used by many of our competitors today.

Still presenting itself as a hard sell? Inform your boss that your course can go on their accomplishments at the end of the year for their review: “Trained staff to improve results!” This is a win/win.

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