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Web Analytics Certificate

The Web Analytics Certificate course will provide tools that will help you assess visitor behavior on your website. Whether you study SEO, social media, or paid search, success in any of these fields hinges on an understanding of web metrics. Discover how to generate valuable data from internal search analytics to empower your web marketing.

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Watch out world – you’re about to master web analytics. In this course, you’ll discover tools that will help you assess visitor behavior on your website. Whether you study SEO, social media, or paid search, success in any of these fields hinges on a keen understanding of web metrics. You’ll also learn the benefits of segmenting, revisit the linking strategy for your core pages, and isolate emerging trends in your data.


  • Web analytics & multichannel analytics
  • Introduction and advanced techniques for key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Introduction and advanced segmentation techniques
  • Generating engaging and actionable web analytics
  • Experimentation and testing: Why you can’t survive without them
  • Multichannel analytics: Going beyond the website

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Demystify experimentation and testing
  • checkmark Explore the various features of Google Analytics and how to use them
  • checkmark Discover how to generate valuable data from internal search analytics

Course Pricing

  • dollar Member - $1,399
  • dollar Non-Member - $1,699
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Course Duration

  • 20-30 hrs

Introduction to Web Analytics

  • What metrics are worthy of being a key performance indicator
  • Why aggregate data has no insights and how segmentation overcomes this problem
  • Why your reports should contain different information depending on your audience
  • The number of survey responses you need for a statistically significant result
  • How multi-channel analytics allows for the efficient allocation of the marketing budget

Introduction to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Identifying great KPIs that are uncomplex, timely, relevant, and useful
  • The difference between macro and micro conversions
  • How to present KPIs to drive action
  • How segmentation can make your KPIs more useful
  • Setting up the ideal dashboard

Advanced KPI Analysis Techniques

  • How to limit the presentation of your data to create greater insights
  • The utilization of raw numbers to clarify the meaning of percentages
  • Setting up proper incentives
  • How to avoid compound metrics
  • Avoiding averages and what to look toward instead

Segmentation: Introduction and Advanced Segmentation Techniques

  • Why segmentation is so important
  • How to do basic segmentation in Google Analytics, ClickTracks, and IndexTools
  • How to segment by new vs. returning users and how this allows you to customize user experiences
  • How to segment based on search traffic
  • How to segment by referring sites and how this allows you to optimize your acquisitions
  • How to build micro segments

Google Analytics Features: Segmentation

  • How to use motion charts in Google Analytics to analyze multi-dimensional data
  • How to see how your data changes over time
  • How to use the custom reporting feature in Google Analytics
  • How to use the segmentation capabilities in Google Analytics
  • How to use the e-commerce reporting in Google Analytics to track affiliate data

Generating Engaging and Actionable Web Analytics Reports

  • Matching your keywords to the right search engine for the right purpose
  • Why your home page is less important today than it was in the past
  • How to segment by days- and visits-to-purchase to understand customer purchase behavior
  • How the “time to page” report can make you revisit your linking strategy
  • How the “What’s Changed Report” is such a powerful tool for taking action
  • How you can use Greasemonkey to add a “What’s Changed Report” to Google Analytics

Generating Valuable Data from Internal Search Analytics

  • Why internal site search is important
  • The two things that are critical to getting benefits from your internal site search data
  • How you can get your hands on internal site search data
  • What internal site search metrics you should focus on
  • How to segment your internal search data

Website Surveys Part I: The Basics

  • Why surveys are a key component of your web analytics strategy
  • Why web analytics is good at the “what?” and bad at the “why?”
  • Which survey invitation methods are most effective
  • Three simple questions to ask your visitors
  • Three golden nuggets of information you are looking for from surveys

Experimentation and Testing: Why You Can’t Survive Without It

  • Why you are at a strategic disadvantage if you are not testing
  • The three questions you should be asking your visitors
  • The greatest challenge for any marketer
  • Why relevancy is most important to improving conversion rates
  • The enormous benefits of experimentation and testing

Experimentation and Testing Demystified: A/B and Multivariate Testing

  • The definition of A/B testing
  • The pros and cons of A/B testing
  • How multivariate testing works
  • Who the major multivariate testing vendors are
  • The pros and cons of multivariate testing

Multichannel Analytics: Going Beyond the Website

  • Why multi-channel analytics is so important to your business
  • The challenges that you face in measuring multi-channel activity
  • Four ways to measure how your online channel is benefiting from offline activity
  • How to use unique coupons and offers in offline campaigns
  • How to correlate traffic patterns with offline campaigns

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