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DMA members join the largest global association of marketers committed to advancing and protecting responsible data-driven marketing. DMA membership gets you the knowledge, access and networking to increase your business ROI and advance your organizational objectives.

Gain the competitive advantage when you take full advantage of DMA – from research to conferences to education and training to coalitions to advocacy and industry compliance.

You Are DMA

Member support from marketers like you is the only thing that has made it possible for DMA to advance the progression of marketing throughout the past century. From start-ups to multi-nationals, client-side marketers to service providers, DMA members represent an extraordinary array of visionaries who are collectively leading today’s narrative on the future of data-driven marketing.

Why Join?

We offer our members every opportunity for success through advocacy, networking, training, insight and business services.   We invite you to learn more about how DMA can help you succeed in data-driven marketing, introduce you to a vibrant community, and build a stronger more sustainable future for everyone involved.  Discover just how much we can help you reach your business goals.

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Member Principles and Guidelines


To customer satisfaction, good corporate citizenship, and responsible environmental, community and financial stewardship.


Clearly, honestly, and accurately represents products, services, terms, and conditions.


Delivers products and services as represented.


Communicates in a respectful and courteous manner.


Responds to Inquiries in a constructive, timely way.


Maintains appropriate security policies and practices to safeguard information.


Provides information on policies about the transfer of personally identifiable information for marketing purposes.


Honors requests not to have personally identifiable information transferred for marketing purposes.


Honors requests not to receive future solicitations from its organization.


Follows the spirit and the letter of the law as well as DMA’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.

Align your Organization with Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices
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