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Member Communities

DMA offers many ways for members to network together and be involved in the work of our industry. Join one of our DMA Communities today to increase your visibility, expand your network, grow your business, learn new things, steal good ideas, and become active in the industry.

For more information on Member Communities, review our member FAQ.

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Community Regional Roundtables
We’re excited to announce the addition of Regional Roundtables to our 2016 roster of events! DMA Regional Roundtables are half-day learning and networking events that take place in big cities across the country. Hosted by various member companies, these events feature keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, case study talks, and afternoon networking receptions. We’re heading to the following cities in 2016—make sure you’re there with us! More information on each event coming soon.

regional roundtable atlanta February – Atlanta, Georgia
April – Denver, Colorado
April – Memphis, Tennessee
June –Seattle, Washington
September – Minneapolis, Minnesota
November – Dallas, Texas
Analytics Community


The hottest trends in data-driven marketing start and end with your Analytics team. The Harvard Business Review even called Data Scientist the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” This Community seeks to provide services, opportunities and resources that advance members’ educational, social and professional development needs, for marketing strategists and analytic practitioners as well as managers and executives responsible for leveraging analytics to drive return on marketing investment. Click here to learn more!

Customer Engagement & Loyalty


People are empowered by their data-driven lifestyles and the many ways they can interact with brands. Modern marketing has the opportunity to turn customers into ambassadors – but it’s a collaborative effort across internal functions and with each customer. This Community investigates and celebrates innovation and strategies to improve customer lifecycle marketing and loyalty. Click here to learn more!



Data is the fuel of marketing, and trust is the engine it fuels. Data management platforms abound, but there are challenges to finding the right one(s) for your business, and even more challenges in activating that data safely and securely in support of business goals. Data is not a marketing function, but a business asset – and the use of data must be governed across the organization in a cross-functional manner. This DMA Community advances the myriad of opportunities and challenges that make data and responsible data practices the lifeblood of 1:1 business and consumer marketing, with a focus on earning consumer trust. Click here to learn more!

Integrated Marketing


Print.Social.Mobile.Email.Digital.Phone. How does an organization figure out the right channels? How does a company communicate properly in each channel? How do you start the process of integrating your marketing? How do you continue the process? All of these questions are problematic for organizations. Our Community has member organizations at all stages of integrating their marketing. This is the value of getting together and sharing our expertise. You will find forums that discuss the beginning baby steps of integrating, as well as advanced forums that add to your expertise. Each member will be asked to participate, both at the sharing levels and at the learning levels. This is the synergy of putting our heads together – we all learn from each other. This is our Integrated Marketing Community – you and me – working together to get even better. Click here to learn more!

DMA Legislative & Government Affairs Coalitions


DMA advances and protects data-driven marketing at the legislative and regulatory levels on the Federal and state levels in the United States, as well as in Europe. We can’t do this without the support, participation and input of our members. DMA members are invited to participate in our Legislative Coalitions. Find out how you can get involved to advance and protect the interests of your organization, and our industry. Click here to learn more!

DMA Nonprofit Federation


The Nonprofit Federation’s full-time staff is located in Washington, DC and is supplemented by the resources and professional staff of the DMA and outside legal counsel. The DMA Nonprofit Federation is:

  • The leading source for nonprofit marketing and fundraising professional education and industry advancement.
  • The premier agent for improving public awareness and receptivity to direct and interactive market driven philanthropy.
  • An aggressive and effective advocate for charitable organizations in postal, regulatory, legislative, and accountability issues at the federal, state and local levels.
  • The ‘top brand’ among all associations and advocacy groups working on behalf of nonprofits that utilize direct and interactive marketing to communicate with donors, members, and the public.
  • One of the largest member segments of the DMA with nearly 400 nonprofit members and just over 80 Corporate Partners.
  • Guided by a volunteer Advisory Council of leading members from both the nonprofit and vendor community.

Learn more at nonprofitfederation.org

Marketing EDGE (formerly DMEF)


Marketing EDGE (formerly Direct Marketing Educational Foundation – DMEF) is the only national nonprofit of its kind solely committed to acquaint professors and college students with – and to engage and involve them in – the thriving business of marketing. Marketing EDGE is supported solely by corporations and individuals who want to give back to the community. Learn more at www.marketingedge.org.

Email Experience Council (EEC)


The eec, the email marketing arm of the Direct Marketing Association, is a global professional organization that strives to enhance the image of email marketing and communications, while celebrating and actively advocating its critical importance in business, and its ROI value.

We are committed to regularly conducting a broad series of email initiatives for a variety of organizations that highlight the positive impact and importance of email as a marketing tool, communications vehicle and branding device. Additionally, eec members are setting the standards for email through our Advisory Committees. The eec members who belong to our organization are representative of other trade organizations, agencies, advertisers, technology partners, clients and companies focused on the potential of email marketing. Learn more at emailexperience.org

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