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DMA keeps you informed on the latest trends and practices in data-driven marketing.  Through member surveys, benchmark studies, partnered research and aggregated compendiums, DMA Research can help you grow your business, get more budget and invest your development dollars in the right places.

Many of our research products are free for members, and all are available in our research store.


DMA Research & Whitepapers

Quarterly Business Review, with Winterberry Group.  A trending benchmark study of how data-driven marketing gets done, and where the investment is going.

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2014 Statistical Facebook.  A compilation of hundreds of facts about data-driven marketing enhanced this year with an added retail chapter, expanded data chapter and thought-leadership pieces in the form of chapter introductions from prominent thought leaders and luminaries.


  • Also, check out our DMA Advance Saturday Stats series featuring cool tidbits from our Statistical Fact Book.

The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of Big Data

  • “The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of Big Data” explores the current state, and future evolution, of marketing data governance strategies that enterprises are using to foster consumer trust and build business success.   Released in July 2013 in partnership with Winterberry Group.

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Adobe study: Transforming Big Data into Actionable Insight

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DMA Member Research & Whitepapers

Relevancy Group: Marketer Quarterly [January 2014]

In the debut issue of The Marketer Quarterly, we uncover all of the challenges facing email marketers today. National Geographic shares insights on how they shopped around to find the perfect vendor; Comedy Central reveals tips for crafting the perfect email; and JetBlue Airways talks about their approach to omnichannel marketing. In our main feature we ride alongside the CMO of The American Red Cross to see what her days are all about.

The showpiece report in this issue is The Relevancy Group’s Email Service Provider (ESP) buyer’s guide, “The Relevancy Ring – Selecting an ESP.” The guide evaluates ESPs in the enterprise and mid-market sectors, highlighting customer satisfaction. Every ESP is given a placement in “The Relevancy Ring” based on quantifiable panel data, which examines their penetration and performance in the inbox.

This issue of The Marketer Quarterly also includes helpful articles on how to run an email RFP, how to manage big data and how to use video in email.

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Ernan Roman eBook: 5 Strategies for Transforming Your Customer Relationships [March 2014]

This new eBook provides strategies and actions for transforming your customer experience. That is a pretty tall order! However, author Ernan Roman has been leading the industry with his Voice of the Customer methodology for decades, and this book captures actionable, practical tips for turning your marketing into customer-driven relationships. In our modern, social and digital-lifestyle-driven society, marketing has become more about engagement than broadcast. This brief eBook is well organized and will have you quickly applying new ideas to your own programs.

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Infocore: Global Marketing Data Index Report: BRAZIL

The GMDI-Brazil includes objective research into dozens of influences and dynamics, including the country’s political and economic landscape, the availability and quality of infrastructure to support direct marketing, the quality and quantity of available data, and the on-the-ground complexities and limitations which could have dramatic effects on a marketer’s plans in a given country. Developed by a team of experts and researchers at Infocore, and supported by a network of private and public data sources, experts and specialized service providers, the report provides both a single, rolled up country score comprised of 54 separate sub-scores combined together in a proprietary, weighted scoring model, which allocates appropriate emphasis to each sub element. (Registration required.)

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Nielsen: The US Digital Consumer Report [February 2014]

It has never been a more important time to know how consumers are behaving than in today’s fast evolving digital environment. These trends in digital technology are propelling consumers’ new multiscreen, constantly connected lifestyles.

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RedPoint Global Inc: Guide to Customer Data Platforms [December 2013]

This study is intended to help marketers who might consider a CDP as a way to build their customer database. It introduces the CDP concept, describes the attributes that define a CDP, discusses the current market and trends, and profiles important CDP systems. The goal is to give marketers and technology staffs enough information to identify CDP vendors who might meet their needs and to make a suitable selection.

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Emailvision: Digital Marketing Quarterly [Jan 2014]

This quarterly digest is focused on delivering digital marketing insights and trends from industry experts. Covering issues from top level announcements to digital marketing strategy, the Digital Marketing Quarterly offers you a global view of all current developments in the industry.

Recent emphasis has been given to personalization technology and the struggle marketers have to create actionable insights from their big data.

Digital Marketing experts at Emailvision explain why digital marketers should take note of Obama’s online marketing strategy – seen as the best-run campaign ever and why there’s never been a more challenging or exciting time to be a marketing leader.

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The Retail Marketing Challenge Report [January 2013]

Retailers have worked hard to adopt systems and incorporate strategies that create positive brand experiences, drive footfall to their stores and bring traffic to their online sites. However, for most retailers, marrying the store experience and the online experience has been a challenge. While these business areas coexist, they are often developed and executed independently of each other, supported by disparate teams and systems…

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Nielsen: Millennials: Breaking the Myths [February 2013]

Millennials are the social generation – constantly connected to their social circles via online and mobile. They prefer to live in dense, diverse urban villages where social interaction is just outside their front doors. They value authenticity and creativity, and they buy local goods made by members of their communities. They care about their families, friends and philanthropic causes. But they’re also coming of age in the most dire economic climate since the Great Depression–making their families, communities and social networks even more valuable as they band together.

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