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Advancing and Protecting Responsible Data-Driven Marketing

This webinar is brought to you by the eec Education & Events Subcommittee in its continuing efforts to educate and elevate standards in email marketing. The most significant innovation for Advertisers, Brands and Marketers in the ever-evolving space has more →
Every year, LUMA Partners painstakingly compiles marketing sector landscapes called “LUMAscapes” to try to make sense of the very confusing ecosystems of digital media — in particular Display, Search, Video, Mobile, Social, Commerce, Marketing Technology, and Gaming. Email marketing more →
DMA’s Data-Driven Marketing Institute Celebrates Data Innovation Day 2015 As technological innovation drives lower costs, it does so for everyone – marketers and consumers alike. According to recent research by professors at Harvard Business School and Columbia University, the more →
Sustained (monthly) revenue generation is the most desirable type of financial relationship one can have with constituents – whether it’s donors, members, or customers. If you’re a nonprofit today, you’re facing the same challenge as many for-profits – how more →
While you’re planning on how to gain access to Big Data, let alone reveal actionable insights, just remember there are five critical low or no- cost data points right at your fingertips that truly matter to your program’s bottom more →
You’ve built your fundraising department. You’ve assembled a data base. You’ve massaged your messaging strategy. You’ve built so many communications channels you don’t know what to do with them all. Great … now what? In this fast- paced session we’ more →

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