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On May 6th, join three of email’s heavy-hitters, George DiGuido, Skip Fidura and Craig Swerdloff, as they take you through the history of email engagement as it relates to deliverability. They will present several real-world examples of companies that more →
DMA’s Analytics Journal is published annually and features original articles written by experienced industry practitioners as well as academicians in the direct marketing field. It covers a wide range of topics, including new approaches to analytics, advances in statistical more →
Mobile is not your Gen X SMS – it’s your Gen D Imperative! With mobile commanding greater share of digital and data-driven budgets – and collection and use of data such as location information, app usage, and mobile Web more →
Celebrating a rich history of international marketing innovation, the prestigious DMA ECHO Awards are considered one of the top honors in marketing excellence. With entries from over 40 countries from around the world, this is the only competition that more →
Surely the ultimate goal for all of us is for our marketing to be seamless, consistent, and available wherever our customers are. Creating a level of integration that makes omnichannel marketing possible is a holy grail we strive to reach, more →
Be the first to learn how some companies are using a new custom communication channel to engage with their customers. Deliver critical messages direct to your customer’s products without the barriers and clutter of email. Successful uses are for more →
As “Big Data” continues to get bigger and consumers engage with brands across multiple digital channels, companies must shift their marketing tactics to better align with the shopping behaviors of today’s digital consumers. However, many marketers are limited to more →
Big Data is like the population in some emerging countries. There is a lot of it (volume). It’s incredibly diverse (variety). And it’s growing at an extremely rapid rate (velocity). This has created unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses. History more →
This panel will drill into the basics of what worked and what didn’t work in year-one of a Peer-to-Peer fundraising platform launch. Specifically, the individual effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of various marketing channels (email, social, direct mail, print, etc…) as more →
Real-time web content personalization is growing up, and the rise of marketing solutions that enable marketers to finely personalize web content for visitors based on array of data attributes is maturing. This webinar will discuss a phased approach in more →
This session will focus on email deliverability, specifically on B2B deliverability and how to reach customers that are using corporate email addresses. The session will present a case study of the deliverability challenges RentPath – Apartment Guide has faced more →
Data governance demands an understanding of who is accountable for your data, the right ways to use your data, finding gaps in your data and understanding how data is managed and secured throughout your organization. Ultimately a strong data more →
Text analytics has grown up. Text can be used in predictive models, revealing insights that you could not get from structured data alone. We will show you two real-world examples. Setting the stage for more in-depth analyses, new descriptive more →

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