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Saturday Stats: The Future of Online and Nonprofits

By: Casey Hampsey
Categories: Advance, Saturday Stats

“Now the challenge for charities, like their commercial counterparts, will be moving away from tracking group behavior to tracking individual preferences so that messaging can be honed to a donor-centric one-to-one communication.” –Stuart R. Christie, Principal, Signal Direct, from the…read more →

DMANF NY Nonprofit Conference: Nonprofit Ethics and Policy — the Heat is On!

By: Janine Perri
Categories: Advance, Best of...DMA Conference Learnings, Capitol Matters: Advocacy & Compliance, Nonprofit Fundraising

With today’s charity “watchdogs” tracking the nonprofit world’s every move, ethical marketing and transparent fundraising are not only useful, but necessary to maintain public trust. In a NY Nonprofit Conference session, DMA’s expert staff, led by Senny Boone, DMA &…read more →