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Capitol-HillDMA is dedicated to advancing and protecting data-driven marketers in Washington, across the States and around the globe.

Every aspect of your organization is affected by public policy.  As you focus on core business functions, DMA’s Government Affairs team is constantly focused on the wide range of policy and political issues that affect the data-driven marketing community.

The DMA Legislative Action Center provides DMA members with the tools to learn about and take “DMAAction” on issues affecting your bottom lines.  Here, you will find action alerts, news articles and opportunities to participate in grassroots action on critical issues impacting DMA members.

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Key Issues for DMAAction

As with everything that we do, DMA’s advocacy efforts are aimed at advancing and protecting responsible data-driven marketing. These principles guide our advocacy:

Advocating Consumer Privacy through Transparency and Choice

In striking the balance between protecting consumer privacy and fostering the marketing innovation that keeps our economy growing, DMA favors the greatest potential consumer choice. An important foundation of DMA’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice is the position that marketers should inform consumers of their practice and give consumers choice to not have their data used for various purposes. Direct marketers must recognize and respect consumers’ wishes and rights if they expect to create trust and win-win relationships.

We are…
• Taking a Stand on Privacy Legislation and Regulation
• Leading the “Do Not Track” Debate
• Supporting Reasonable Data Security

Championing Self-Regulation

DMA believes that self-regulatory measures are preferable to governmental mandates. Self-regulatory programs are more readily adaptable to evolving technologies, shifting consumer preferences and changing economic and social conditions. They encourage widespread use of sound business practices, building consumer trust while allowing businesses to quickly adjust their practices to best meet the needs of their customers. DMA has and will continue to support and promote self-regulation for marketing data usage, while also working to ensure that self-regulation remains a viable and effective means of protecting consumers while fostering innovation.

We are…
• Setting and Enforcing Ethical Guidelines for the Marketing Community
• Leading the Way on Self-Regulation in Online and Mobile Data Environments
• Ensuring Consumer Choice In Every Marketing Channel

Linda Woolley, speaks about the power of self-regulation on C-SPAN’s “The Communicators.” (She was DMA’s Executive Vice President of Washington Operations at the time of this broadcast.)

Safeguarding the Ethical Use of Consumer Data for Marketing Purposes

When it comes to purchases and business transactions, American consumers enjoy a level of convenience unknown anywhere else in the world. They expect to receive marketing offers that closely match their interests or needs. These conveniences are made possible by direct marketing and powered by the responsible exchange of data. The flow of consumer information is critical to the ongoing strength of the American economy in general, and the direct marketing community in particular.

We are…
• Ensuring that Marketing Data is Used for Marketing Uses
• Protecting Children’s Privacy in Marketing to Minors
• Advocating Responsible Telemarketing Practices

Opposing Burdensome Business Tax Obligations

DMA opposes burdensome and unrepresentative taxes and administrative collection requirements on remote sellers. DMA works in both Congress and the States on these issues.

We are…
• Fighting for “True Simplification” in Collection of Sales and Use Taxes by Remote Sellers
• Opposing Business Activity Taxes
• Preventing Internet Access Taxes

Keeping Marketing Channels Open and Viable

We are…
• Opposing Do Not Mail Legislation
• Informing the FTC “Green Guides” Review
• Fighting Postage Increaes While Supporting Postal Reform
• Greening the Mail

Fighting Onerous Business and Nonprofit Regulations

We are…
• Fighting Regulatory Expansion
• Protecting Charitable Deductions

Learn more at the DMA Legislative Action Center