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Marketing EDGE (formerly Direct Marketing Educational Foundation – DMEF) is the only national nonprofit of its kind solely committed to acquaint professors and college students with – and to engage and involve them in – the thriving business of marketing. Marketing EDGE is supported solely by corporations and individuals who want to give back to the community.


How and where can organizations find talent?

This is the one common issue that continues to challenge companies large and small: where to find new and skilled talent ­­who are fully equipped academically to enter marketing careers. Marketing EDGE programs equip professors with the most up-to-date educational resources and prepare students for successful careers in this rapidly evolving field.

Marketing EDGE brings social, mobile, data-driven, direct and interactive marketing instruction to the college campus, while helping students learn about marketing career opportunities. We publish teaching resources, career information and the academic research publication, Journal of Interactive Marketing®.  We also offer corporations the opportunity to work with students and professors through programs such as:

  • The Research Summit, providing an opportunity for both academics and professionals to contribute to research that advances the field;
  • Our job bank (marketingEDGEjobs.org), with access to top level interns and entry level hires, and sponsorships; and
  • The Speakers Bureau, where practitioners present their knowledge in the classroom, among other programs.


We encourage individuals and corporations who are committed to maintaining a steady stream of new talent to participate and join our Leader’s Circle to support this vital link to the world of higher learning.

The History of Marketing EDGE

Learn more about the beginnings of Marketing EDGE, established in 1966 by the DMA as a tangible means of giving back to the community. A non-profit educational organization supported by tax-deductible contributions, Marketing EDGE is the only national organization of its kind committed to introducing college students to the thriving business of marketing.

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We Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ college students in the field of marketing.
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