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DMAChoice and Related Consumer Choice Files

*Effective July 18, 2018. To download the current version, click here.

For each prospecting list that is rented, sold, exchanged, or transferred, the names registered on the applicable DMAchoice (DMA’s consumer choice website) name removal lists should be removed prior to use.

DMAchoice name-removal lists include:

  • The relevant categorical opt-out mailing lists for Catalog, Magazine, Pre-screened Credit Offers or Other categories, as well as future categories designated by DMA; and
  • The Email Preference Service and Telephone Preference Service, as well as future DMA preference service lists.

The use of the DMAchoice name-removal lists and preference service lists is not required for the company’s and organization’s existing customer or donor lists, only for prospects.

Members should be listed on the DMAchoice site to demonstrate their compliance with the DMA Guidelines and to provide a direct connection to consumers for further choice requests.

In all instances, the most recent monthly release of the relevant DMAchoice file should be used.

In addition to adhering to these guidelines, a marketer should cooperate with DMA when requested in demonstrating its compliance with the Commitment to Consumer Choice and the marketer’s own consumer preference policies.

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