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DMA's adChain - Elevating the Fight Against Ad Fraud

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Disputing Ad Fraud and Revolutionizing Data

Digital advertisers have long struggled with ad fraud, ranging from phantom ads that no one ever sees to bot traffic and malicious adware. Now, using the power of blockchain technology, marketers can gain the transparency, security and accountability they need to compete effectively in today’s digital ecosystem.

The Blockchain Advantage of adChain

Now, DMA has launched adChain – the world’s first open-source solution in the fight against ad fraud that uses blockchain technology to deliver transparency, security and verified impression tracking.

Learn more about the benefits of DMA’s adChain for your organization in this report: Elevating the Fight Against Ad Fraud.

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What is adChain?

Built by MetaX, adChain is an open protocol on the public Ethereum blockchain that enhances digital advertising’s disjointed supply chain. This solution instills transparency, efficiency and trust to an industry in need of a fresh approach. “As a leading advocate for the digital advertising community, DMA is uniquely positioned as the only marketing trade association that represents the entire ecosystem – from demand side to supply side,” said Ken Brook, Co-founder and CEO of MetaX. He continued, “this aligns with the utility value that adChain brings, thus we can all work together with the adChain solution.”

Learn More About MetaX and adChain

Ken Brook, CEO, MetaX
  • The problem of fraud affects both advertisers and publishers, estimated to generate $16.4 billion in financial losses this year, according to Tom Benton, DMA CEO, citing WPP stats. He also points to World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) numbers predicting such fraud will cost advertisers between $50 billion and $150 billion by 2025…It's important for marketers to understand how the technology works. Different transactions, known as blocks, occur when assets transfer from one location to another. Each block sent to the partners in the network validate the transaction, and when blocks are added to the chain as a permanent, record the technology is known as blockchain, according to Cisco, as detailed in its report titled Visual Networking Index (VNI) and VNI Service Adoption Global Forecast Update, 2016—2021.
    - Media Post, June 19, 2017
Learn more about the benefits of DMA's adChain for your organization.
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