In a recent AdWeek article, entitled “What Exactly Does ‘Do Not Track’ Mean?” DAA managing director Lou Mastria offered his take on DAA’s work, and the challenges of achieving consensus on online privacy issues.

AdWeek:  So what can the DAA do?

Mastria:  We’re certainly not perfect, but we have delivered on every commitment we made. We’ve put the single most transparent program on the Web. Consumers don’t have to look through a lengthy privacy policy. We’re going to have to spend a lot more time educating in the policy area. Part of the challenge will continue to be that US Senator Jay Rockefeller and others like him are as properly educated as can be. It’s part of our job to tell them they aren’t hearing the whole story. The reality is, we’ve not risen to the challenge.

AdWeek:  How do you change the Do Not Track conversation?

Mastria:  The word “track” is a reflexive, loaded word. We have to fight against the Do Not Track phrase. We know there is an inherent fear that a lot of folks play on. Consumers and we are better served by having a more temperate conversation about how you collect data, how you preserve it, how you use it responsibly, not this super-charged dialogue. We should get away from the inflammatory wording.

What do you think?  Please comment below and lend your ideas to this important conversation.

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