To put it simply, proper data stewardship is a business imperative.” –DMA President and CEO, Linda A. Woolley

DMA and Winterberry Group published a new white paper this week, “The New Rules of the Road: Marketing Data Governance in the Era of ‘Big Data.’   It provides a new road map for responsible data stewardship—and gives some insight into the challenges marketers face in implementing strategic approaches to data governance and stewardship.

The street fog of misinformation and wariness is beginning to burn off and marketers can see the turns in the highway ahead, leading towards the horizon of proper data stewardship.  In fact, according to “The New Rules of the Road,” marketers are immensely positive about data’s role in their organizations. So what road blocks could be slowing them down?

Challenges come in many different forms, but this report suggests that the largest overall barrier to companies’ strategic management of data is the lack of an infrastructure designed to optimize these resources.  Separate departments within a given organization may only “own” access to some data, not everything they need, and only a few companies deploy “chief data officers” or similar positions to oversee information and provide an overall strategy.  In other words, these organizations are driving blind.

Without well-designed infrastructure, it will continue to be difficult to effectively strategize and synthesize data, and without that commitment, it will be difficult for marketers to implement vital data stewardship policies.

The “New Rules of the Road” provides marketers who may be falling asleep at the wheel with a wake-up call before they miss their exit. Let us know how YOU keep your data infrastructure tuned up.

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