Great news from the postal front!

DMA’s Jerry Cerasale, along with representatives of other industry groups, met today with the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service, Postmaster General, and Deputy Postmaster General to try to steer them away from an exigent postal rate increase.  And it seems the Governors listened!

This afternoon’s announcement from the Postal Board of Governors states:

“As part of the agenda, the Governors considered pricing issues, including the possibility of filing for price adjustments. The Governors continue to listen to stakeholders and have postponed final pricing decisions until the next scheduled Board of Governors meeting, Sept. 24–25, 2013.”  

Beyond the catastrophic impact of such a move on the entire industry, an exigent rate case would kill any postal reform legislation in 2013 and 2014. An above-inflation increase in postage would force all mailers to reduce prospect mailings, which really amount to investments in the future of the industry.

DMA appreciates that the Board of Governors is carefully considering the concerns of Postal Service customers as they ponder whether or not to raise postage above inflation.

We will work with all stakeholders in the coming weeks seeking Congressional action to help the Service and to avoid any need for above inflation postage increases that would simply force nonprofit mailers and the mailing community at large to find other channels to communicate with the public.

For more information, contact Jerry at DMA.


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