Customers expect more and more from marketers each year. The expectations are on the rise in parallel to an increase in data capture and usage by marketers to improve customer experience. In support of this initiative toward ever improving CX, marketers invested heavily in data assets.

Desire to Improve Customer Experience Fuels Marketing and Data Spend

According to the Data & Marketing Association’s newly-release 2018 Statistical Fact Book, marketing data and data services captured $15.6 billion of outsourced spending. Increased investment in digital data to the tune of $4.34 billion (25.4% increase over 16) and email data at $1.52 billion (+15.1%) captured the lion’s share of the increase.

Marketing Statistics Curated for Marketers by Marketers

The best marketers and the best companies are responsibly using data to determine what customers want and need, and then employing data-informed design and storytelling to truthfully communicate how they can fulfill those wants and needs. DMA’s Statistical Fact Book assembles critical benchmarks from across the data and marketing ecosystem, giving marketers and their business partners a view of the ever-changing landscape. With the sheer amount of data from a near-infinite combination of media, devices, platforms, and channels, DMA curates these insights to guide marketers and their investments over the coming year.

Here are the top 12 marketing trends from the 2018 Statistical Fact Book to help guide your marketing budget:

  1. US spent $124.3B on traditional media and $177.7B on offline marketing in 2017
  2. Only 7.1% of marketers are very satisfied with their organization’s attribution efforts
  3. Display occupies the greatest allocation of digital spend in the US at $38.3B
  4. Number of customers using mobile to open emails (47%) has now outpaced both PC and tablet
  5. B2B marketers estimate 21-40% of their web traffic comes from mobile
  6. The majority (49%) of display, paid social and video spend is devoted to prospecting
  7. Social media spending predicted to raise from 9.8% (current) to 18.5% of marketing budgets in the next 5 years
  8. 38% of marketers will increase their content marketing spend over the next 12months
  9. US programmatic digital display ad spending projected to reach $46B by 2019
  10. What’s top on ecommerce execs wish list? New payment options!
  11. 44.4% of merchants increased catalog circulation in the last year
  12. 60% of B2B marketers are more focused on improving audience segmentation and personas over the past 18 months

These marketing stats are only a sample of the deep well of business insight contained inside DMA’s 2018 Statistical Fact Book, which covers data, mobile, search, emerging technology, and many more subject areas. Now in its 40th edition, the DMA’s Statistical Fact Book is a curated publication of all the latest marketing statistics, trends and data you need to plan your 2018 marketing budgets and strategies. Get your copy now!

Neil O’Keefe is DMA’s SVP of Content & Marketing.