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whopper-neutralityListerine is a mouthwash known because kills 99% of bad breath germs, for a 100% fresh mouth. But what about people who wants whiter teeth? So, in 2016 Listerine launched, in the Italian market, Listerine Advanced White, a smile whitening mouthwash. Instead of create a campaign to explain the product benefit, and then add a promo in store, we found one idea capable of do both things at the same time.

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learn-gdpr-in-one-minuteA journey of self discovery leads to accelerated sales.

Axe, a market leader in deodorants category in Indonesia, had a great year in 2015; the brand experienced a sales growth of 30.6% with the successful launch of AXE Black. In 2016, the brand had to continue this growth momentum and strengthen its position in this consumer category and incrementally grow its market share in Indonesia. But there weren’t any new product launches, hence the bigger task at hand was to implement an effective communication strategy to be able to compete with the growing market share of competitors like Rexona, Nivea and Dove.

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Arbys-secret-social-sauceThe ask string is one of the more underappreciated parts of a nonprofit ask. We’ll look at why ask strings affect us psychologically and culturally, then how we can increase revenue and retention by using them..

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