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When Serena Williams headed into last year’s U.S. Open with a chance to break the all-time Grand Slam record, sport fuel company Gatorade had another incredible story to tell. They wanted to explore a more innovative way to bring their story to life while also engaging their target audience. Taking a different approach from video, they set out to develop a multi-level, mobile game to capture the attention of competitive teen athletes.

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Even for Halebop – having a very special relation to it?s customers – it is hard to create engagement. Halebops is the most “schyssta” mobile operator and the brief was to give customers an extra treat with the objective to increase engagement and mobile surf spend on long-term. The planning started to understand more about behaviour connected to mobile surf. The insight was that Halebops young customer base lives with their smartphones twentyfourseven. To them surf is more important than food or sleep. They would do anything to get more Gigabytes. We also researched how people perceive Halebops most important brand value “Schysst” and how people use “individual social currence”, meaning people have “social accounts” where services and favours are posted. Customer data was used to segment customers with potential to increase their surf behaviour and spend. On the Mobile site we used data to drive the experience and to follow up.

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NASCAR intensifies the action by eliminating the cars, and finds a new audience.

The Chase is NASCAR’s most competitive series- and format changes- along with the introduction of the Grid (NASCAR’s bracket)- have made their playoffs more competitive. It’s complicated and longer than other sports: 16 drivers compete for 10 weeks- in 10 races with 3 elimination rounds. Unlike other sports that peak during playoffs- NASCAR has historically seen a decline in engagement and ratings. NASCAR needed to drive engagement of the playoffs amongst new and existing fans.

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