I love this infographic from the Salesforce.com blog on how every modern marketer is part artist and part scientist.     “While many view this shift from creativity to data as a battle between two distinct and separate ideologies, the truth is that marketers can’t afford to pick sides,” the post reads.

In data-driven marketing, we’ve always had these two sides.  Direct mail is all about both the accuracy of the list targeting, and the power of the offer.  Digital marketers talk about “engagement” but in my experience, relevancy is more about effective segmentation and timing than it is about offer.  However, more and more, digital marketers are creating highly branded experiences to appeal to those highly targeted audience segments — and seeing much higher ROI as a result.

Effective marketers value and nurture both sides of the “brain” — our inner data scientist must work hand in glove with our creative muse.   Technology remains our friend and our enabler.   Now that data is more complex, fragmented and matrixed — and customer interactions are moving at the speed of light — we have to automate the selection of not just the list and the channel, but the most effective content, too.

Strap on the horn rimmed glasses, place the pocket protector in your white coat and slip into your hipster jeans, people.

Who ever said marketing was going to be easy?!

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