We asked three marketers who are data governance trailblazers how they feel about marketing data…


Peg Kuman

Cathy Folkes

Julie Heisel

Senior Executive in Digital and Direct Marketing, DMA Data Matters Instructor

Data Best Practices Guru
Customer Lifecycle Manager at General Motors 
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Marketing data is…not just one data point. It is made up of many data points that create marketing intelligence to provide customer insight, brand insight, and more on the prospect side, to drive new customers to your brand. Marketing data is not defined by channel; rather channel and multi-channel touch are data points. Marketing data is…any information, in any form that identifies who your organizations prospects and constituents are; what they do, how they have interacted or how they might interact with your organization in the future. Marketing data is…a goldmine to enable the customer experience.
It is important for marketers to lead, or participate as an equal partner, in data governance because…in today’s rapidly changing world, marketers are driving the creation of data, from social channels, to digital advertising, to the new next thing and the drivers of creation, know and understand the subtleties of build and value. It is important for marketers to lead, or participate as an equal partner, in data governance because…data governance is ultimately about ensuring that you have the right data to make the right decisions at the right time.  Without the understanding and leadership of the marketing team, it is likely that a safe and robust environment will be developed that doesn’t provide the insight and analysis to support your marketing needs It is important for marketers to lead, or participate as an equal partner, in data governance because…marketers are closest to the customer experience
Data governance and responsible use of data is core to an effective brand strategy becausebest practices include celebrating your customer as an asset that must be treated with transparency, honesty, in a clear and easy to understand manner— and all of this will set your brand apart from those who do not. It is time to get the marketing team trained in data governanceas soon as you can.  If there is a plan to start managing any type of data or you already have data, the educational component is needed to guide the data they can and can’t use, understand where and how it is managed and to ensure that the solutions and strategies meet their needs. After becoming certified with the DMA in data governance, I…have a much greater appreciation for its importance.
Third party walked into a bar…asked for a glass of champagne and toasted Benjamin Franklin. The best data humor I’ve heard is… “Your recent Amazon purchase, Tweet score and location history makes you 23.5% welcome here”. If I could turn “data stewardship” into a revenue driver for my company…it would be worth a fortune

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