Your DMA is doing a good job, according to 91% of respondents who agreed with that statement in a recent member survey.

Most members (86%) would recommend DMA to others because membership has high value (26%), everyone needs to support our industry (60%) and every company is stronger when the industry is stronger (58%).  A full 90% of respondents believe in the DMA Mission statement, To Advance and Protect Data-Driven Marketing.

From February 14th through March 17th 2014, DMA encouraged members to take an online survey about their membership experience.  A total of 339 people participated.


Our goals were:

  1. Assess member sentiment on the overall value of DMA membership, and build a set of benchmarking stats for future measures of loyalty and satisfaction.
  2. Collect feedback that will help shape and improve programs.

We learned some interesting things – both quantitative in the results as well as qualitative in the many thoughtful and constructive comments submitted.  When asked about the value of DMA membership, 84% said that membership ROI is “Excellent” or “Good.”  in a separate question, more than half (55%) said their dues are priced right for the value received.

From the comments, it seems clear that DMA is not doing a good enough job communicating in a way that resonates with many members.  Our reliance on email marketing and the perceived lack of segmentation was an issue for many.  There were also quite a number of suggestions for DMA to launch programs that already exist.  That helps us assess both our communications and marketing, as well as program relevance.

The things respondents most value in their membership include:  Professional Development (60%), Discounts (48%), Access to senior level marketers (32%), DMA Newsletters (30%),  Insights and Connections (28%), Lead Generation (21%), Chance to Contribute Thought Leadership (19%); Vendor Directory (21%), and Reduced Legal Fees due to insights from Government Affairs (6%).

In the comments, many respondents made suggestions about particular program improvements they’d like to see like different education programs, more exciting event exhibit floors, a content focus on both traditional and new areas of direct marketing and data management, and more regional events.  Other suggestions were more broad, for example those around the importance of compliance and making that more accessible to members, and a suggestion that DMA public affairs  messaging  focus more on consumer value and the benefits of data-driven marketing.

Overall, the survey was a great help to us in our planning for our next Fiscal year (starting in July 2014) and in updating and executing our Strategic Plan, which was approved by the Board last May.  We use this and other sources of member feedback and guidance every day.

We are grateful for the time respondents took, and glad to see all the comments – good, bad and ugly.  With our new leadership in place, DMA is particularly focused on listening to our members and understanding your needs, and we hope that you will find us a ready “ear” throughout the year and at every interaction point – not just during our annual survey.

If you have additional  comments about the survey of anything to do with DMA, feel free to post them below, talk to your account manager, or send them to me, (Stephanie Miller, SVP of member communications and engagement).


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