You might want to make sure the kids are in the other room while you read this one…

I was intrigued by an article by Frank Guzzardo, of C3 Metrics, recently published in Direct Marketing News, in which the author draws a surprising analogy — between marketing attribution and… well, lovemaking.

“Sexuality and lovemaking are the most intimate experiences in life, but we don’t talk about them,” says Guzzardo.  “In media, we don’t discuss attribution because it’s new and understandably awkward—just like making love for the first time. But there are parallels to both, and we’re going to talk about them right here.”

I won’t reveal all the spicy details here — I’ll let you discover them by reading the full article.  But one of Guzzardo’s points bears notice, and is tame enough not to cause too much blushing:

Position matters – When it comes to attribution for Big Data, position matters. But position importance is different for everyone. . .  Position matters in the attribution funnel because consumers move in order: from awareness to interest, to desire, to action. But the value of how things start and flow varies for different brands.

And to conclude, Guzzaro suggests a bit of experimentation: 

Once you’re making love to Big Data with attribution, it’s time to do some things you might not have done before: Multichannel. Now you can experiment with touchpoints like online video, and with channels and creative you’ve never used, or used in the past but couldn’t pinpoint the impact.

Embrace a little experimentation.  Let’s make some love—in marketing, in media, and in life.

Amen to that!

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