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The Illinois legislature is putting the many benefits consumers receive from responsible data-driven marketing at risk.

Responsible marketers, take note. Even more so; take action.

In late June, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill that, if enacted, will put the business of responsible, data-driven marketing under a massive regulatory burden. This first-of-its-kind legislation is much more restrictive than laws on the books in other states, and would put Illinois far outside the mainstream of responsible and effective state breach notification laws.

For example, the bill’s overly-broad definition of “personal information” is a significant departure from the data security provisions required by other states. By lumping non-harmful consumer preference and geolocation data with truly personally identifiable information such as health or financial data, the bill wrongfully targets data used in everyday practices of marketers, instead of the necessary warning about data breaches of personally identifiable information that pose a risk of identity theft or financial harm to Illinoisans.

DMA, the only marketing and advertising association that actively monitors and advocates in all 50 states, has assembled a broad-based coalition to offer an alternative and urge the Illinois governor’s use of his amendatory veto power to edit the bill so it provides sensible protections to Illinoisans consistent with other state data breach notice laws around the country. This revised bill will preserve data-driven marketers’ ability to innovate and effectively connect with Illinois consumers, while providing the notice and protections Illinoisans need when a breach of their personally identifiable information places them at risk of harm.

With the current gridlock in Congress, state legislatures can be a bellwether for policies to be adopted by other states around the country. With your help, we can bring this legislation in line with proven and sensible protections established by numerous states and make sure Illinois does not set a standard that could wipe out data-driven marketing practices nationwide. Here’s how:

  • Write Governor Rauner and urge him to use his amendatory veto power to bring SB 1833 in line with states nationwide.
  • Call Governor Rauner’s office at 217-782-0244 and talk about the benefits responsible data-driven marketing brings to Illinois residents – and the risk SB 1833 poses to Illinois jobs and to marketing firms across the country.

DMA is assembling tools for marketers to get informed and take action to prevent this harmful legislation from stifling responsible marketing. These tools will be live later this week on DMA’s Advocacy site.

We hope you’ll contact the governor’s office and share your concerns with him about SB 1833 and the negative impact it would have on Illinois jobs, its economy and residents. I will.

Tom Benton

Tom Benton

“The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.” – Richard Branson