Ever wonder what Millennials want – what they really really want… for breakfast?  According to recent Mediapost article, the answer is adventure!

“Capturing breakfast share is one of today’s biggest opportunities for both packaged foods makers and restaurant chains,” Mediapost contributor Karlene Lukovitz writes.  “Two-thirds of U.S. consumers eat breakfast; the challenge is understanding the shifting breakfast landscape and what’s most important to various consumer segments.”

It seems breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

Citing research from Datassential, Lukovitz states that 65% of Millennials showed interest in “elevated comfort foods (premium versions of traditional breakfast comfort foods like waffles and biscuits and gravy), and 63% were interested in “monster” or mini breakfast sandwiches.”

Indeed, Millennials display more dash and daring than other age groups when confronting those thorny challenges at the breakfast table.  The research showed that they were more open to, among other things, “including healthier options and ethnically-influenced dishes.”

“In short,” says Lukovitz, “innovative breakfast offerings are key in luring Millennials – a point clearly informing more restaurant menus, including Taco Bell’s new breakfast offerings.”

So what can marketers do to entice these hungry, heroic hipsters?

According to the article, 16% of Millennials said they ate breakfast items as an afternoon snack, compared to 5% of those in Gen X, 2% of Boomers, and none of the Silent Generation respondents.

Conclusion?  Perhaps restaurateurs should consider serving breakfast items during other times of the day, suggests Maeve Webster, managing director for Datassential.

And, as the article states, Millennials are not alone in branching out at breakfast time:  “More than half of consumers surveyed expressed interest in key breakfast trends such as elevated comfort foods, single-focus restaurants (such as ones dedicated to artisan donuts) and better-for-you concepts (like egg whites).”

So marketers, take heed.  When it comes to capturing the crowd, throw caution to the wind and push that breakfast envelope – or cereal box.  You may find a whole new and profitable world awaits.

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