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Armani Exchange connects with street artist Hanksy to engage through branded content.

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Mekudeshet, Jerusalem Season of Art’s festival, is a two-week long event held in one of the most controversial and religiously sacred cities for Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike. The festival bridges the religions through the collaboration of 250 artists, speakers, and performers from 17 countries worldwide, and proves that the conflict can be resolved; even temporarily, through the expression of art and music.

Our goal was to increase the attendance from last year’s event, by creating an awareness of the event through advertisements placed all around the country.

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This is a viral video for Marc Ecko, showing grainy footage of what appeared to be a graffiti artist jumping a fence at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and tagging one of the engines on Air Force One with the words “Still Free.”

Just a year after the advent of YouTube, the video quickly went viral. It was reported on across cable news, particularly on the political networks, where pundits were astonished that anyone could have gotten so close to the president’s plane—for the rebellious purpose of spraying graffiti on it.

It was all faked, of course, though few outside the agency and client immediately knew it. (In the end, the Pentagon had to officially deny the video’s authenticity three separate times.)

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