480px-Button-Purple.svgIn a conversation this morning with three self-described data geeks, I tried to make the point that while marketing analytics can seem very cold and numbers driven, it’s actually quite creative.  It’s so personal to understand people at the level of data-driven marketing – to understand their behaviors, demographics and purchasing tastes.  A good marketing analyst will uncover insights that are very personal to each individual customer, and in some cases, quite intimate.  There is nothing cold about that.

So while the creative, marketing strategist might seem “red” – warm, approachable, bold; and the analytics professional seems “blue” – cold, calculating and practical; the truth is that all data-driven marketers are a bit of both.    Does that make us purple?

It’s definitely true that in forward-thinking, digitally-hatched companies like Gilt.com and Google and Facebook, the  quants (analytics people) have a seat at the table (sometimes at the head of the table), and their insights and ideas for marketing strategy are just as welcome as those of the creatives or strategists.    That is a lesson that all marketers can borrow to improve customer experience and increase sales and loyalty.

What color is your marketing organization?

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