We’re on the road to DMA2014! Each week, we’ll bring you new insights leading up to the big event in San Diego. This week, Gina Scala, VP, Education & Professional Development, advises attendees on how to keep up the learning momentum before, during, and after the annual conference.

1. Events are education opportunities for many attendees. How can they get the most out of their participation?

I would love for folks to take advantage of the pre- and post-conference opportunities. At Annual every year, we have pre- and post-conference intensives that are modeled after DMA training modules. For each intensive, we take a deep dive into the subject matter. I am honored to be a presenter for the Data Governance intensive, which features other leaders around the industry and focuses on successful case studies. This year, we are also introducing the DMA President’s Award for Professional Development, which honors marketing professionals dedicated to marketing-related training and education. We want to celebrate professionals who use learning resources, like those offered by DMA, to take staff from where they are to where they could be.

2. Talk a little bit about the CEU credits DMA Education alumni can earn at DMA2014. What are the benefits to getting credits or a Certification at DMA2014 rather than at a stand-alone course?

New this year, we are offering CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for participation in pre- or post-conference intensives and concurrent sessions. Participation in each area can be used as CEU credit to keep DMA certification active or amass credit toward certification. Attendees who are DMA Certified Marketing Professionals (DCMPs) will be honored at the Sunday keynote, where we can put their names on a big screen and give them a round of applause for their commitment to learning. The benefit to getting credits at DMA2014 is that we design each intensive for actionable learning, so attendees can come out of the sessions with skills and knowledge that can automatically apply to their marketing roles.

3. How can attendees continue the learning all year long?  What advice would you give to marketers at the conference looking to further their professional development? What should they do at the conference and beyond?

DMA has a full course catalog and calendar, including three-day face-to-face courses, in-person and online seminars, and self-paced online programs. We can also take subject matter from the conference and create personalized education programs for a business team. Our learning comes in many formats so organizations can access what’s right for their time, budget, and team. My best advice for marketers at the conference is that if you are with a team, divide and conquer. Attend as much as you can to gain a breadth of knowledge, and also visit DMA Village for solutions and networking. Outside of the conference, commit to learning something new each day, whether it’s by reading an article on LinkedIn, visiting the DMA Advance blog, or continuing to take professional development courses. Commit to being a lifelong learner, and reach out to DMA when you are facing challenges.

4. What are you most excited about for DMA2014?

I can’t wait to see Tom and Jane (our leadership team) serving ice cream at the Exhibit Hall after the Ben & Jerry’s keynote on Sunday! Aside from that, I am really excited to see folks benefit from the education, learning, and networking opportunities that DMA2014 has to offer. I really think the greatest thing about Annual is that marketers go and are surrounded by other marketers with similar challenges. They go into this happy, supportive environment where they can network with solutions providers, gain knowledge, and connect with their peers, all under one roof. They go back to the office smarter, happier, and well-connected. It’s exciting!

To learn more about education and professional development opportunities at the conference, visit the DMA2014 website. For learning opportunities all year round, visit the DMA Education website.


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