Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Teaser, where we give you a just a taste of wisdom from the DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Book.  

While the number of print-only catalogs has declined by over 50 percent from 2011-2012, it may surprise you to know that the number of online-only catalogs has not risen by nearly so dramatic a margin.   Check out the following graph to see what is the most significant category:



It would seem that the rising business model is a healthy marriage between print and online content; although the number of online/print publications declined between 2011-2012, it was by a very insignificant margin.  Publications which balance online and print materials are still very clearly dominating the market.

Tune in on Saturday, when we discuss the channels catalog retailers are using to market their products.

**We would like to thank Lance Cummins, who brought an error with a previous version of this post to our attention.

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