We’ve already seen in a previous Saturday Stats post  that marketers are prioritizing digital channels.  In fact, according to the chart from that entry, 50 percent of marketers are planning to make websites a priority for their organization.  So it should come as no surprise this week to see that 75% of retail marketers use an e-commerce website to market.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean that digital channels have overcome traditional channels just yet.  Print catalogs still oust digital catalogs 36% to 27%, and just under half of all retail marketers still use retail stores (imagine, walking into a store to do your shopping!)  Mobile sites and apps are booming—in fact, mobile sites have nearly caught up with digital catalogs, as the public’s use of mobile devices booms across the country.

Check out this chart:


SSS Sat 3

What trends in retail channels are you seeing?  Share your stories and comments with us below!

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