Welcome to this week’s edition of Saturday Stats, where we give you a just a taste of wisdom from the DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Book 

With data on everyone’s minds these days, most companies know that being data-driven is really going to help their business.  But using big and small data efficiently isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Many marketers face new challenges when they begin integrating data into their business model.  Check out the chart below to see the top seven biggest challenges that marketers predicted they’d face in 2013:

  SSS Sat 9

The biggest challenge predicted was “analyzing data,” which a quarter of marketers pointed to as the most significant issue their organization will face when it comes to data.  As you might have seen from our recent New Rules of the Road series, a number of organizations don’t have the infrastructure to support the kind of analysis needed for successful data utilization.  The next three challenges were “applying data,” “cleaning data,” and “protecting customer data and privacy.” 

Interestingly enough, the general category “collecting data” and the more specific category “real-time data collection” were separated, but if we take them together, that’s a full 22% of marketers claiming that data collection, in one form or another, will be a big challenge to their organization.  Finally, eight percent of marketers claimed “hiring qualified employees” would be a significant challenge in 2013.  These companies need smart analysts and data-driven marketers! 

What’s the biggest challenge regarding data that you are facing or have faced in 2013?  Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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