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These days, it’s all about content-driven marketing. Consumers see more advertisements in a single day—in a single hour—than ever before, and they respond the most to marketing that they perceive to deliver relevance to their lives. So what kind of content should marketers invest in?

In the chart below, marketing professionals were asked to choose which types of content delivered the greatest ROI. Check it out: SATURDAY STATS - PART 1 - Chart

It would seem that most marketing professionals claimed that featured articles delivered the best ROI, followed by video, white papers, and photos. What immediately jumps out is that these four top content channels represent all types of media: print (white papers), visual (video, photos ), interactive (video), and online (featured articles, usually on blogs or news aggregate sites). There is no one best channel—rather, a marketer seeking to maximize ROI ought to push content in a number of different streams.

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If you have any stories or insights to share about which content stream your company found to deliver the greatest ROI, tell us in the comments! See you next Saturday!

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