Welcome to this week’s edition of Saturday Stats, where we give you just a taste of wisdom from the DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Book.   

On the one hand, social media is quickly rising as an important influencer in our society.  On the other hand, email is still the most important communication medium for marketers — and the one consumers trust the most.  So it makes sense that marketers would want to integrate these two channels to maximize their positive impact on their business and consumers.

According to the Fact Book, the most commonly used integration strategy is “including social sharing icons in emails”—69 percent of responding companies said that they already do this, while only 18 percent indicated that they do not plan to do so.  The least popular strategies were incentive offers for email subscribers to join social programs, or vice versa:  for social channel users to subscribe to email programs. Over half of responding companies indicated that they do not plan to implement these programs.

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It seems that the most popularly implemented strategies concentrate on making sure consumers will want to use both social channels and email subscriptions by ensuring that each channel features unique content, rather than by directly incentivizing dual subscriptions.  What do you think?  Let us know about your experiences with email and social channels in the comments below!

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