Welcome to this week’s edition of Saturday Stats, where we give you a just a taste of wisdom from the DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Book.   

Do you read your mail?  Some of it?  All of it?  What do you pay attention to, and what do you throw away without a second glance?  Advertisers want their addressees to read their mail, of course—it’s why it went into the mailbox.

According to DMA’s Statistical Fact Book, between 2010 and 2011, the percentage of households who read their advertising mail went up by 1.9 points, to 20.6%.  But the number of households who don’t read their advertising mail also went up, by a full 2.5 points to 21.5%.  At the same time, casually glancing at mail seems to have lost some popularity: the number of households who report that they merely scan their advertising mail went down from 26.9% to 25.3%—a difference of 1.6 points.

What does this reflect?  It’s possible that we’re seeing the beginning of a trend toward the polarization of households.  The data suggests consumers may be starting to pick sides — either choosing to read their advertising mail thoroughly to see whether it is useful or relevant, or deciding not to engage with it at all, rather than to simply glance and toss (or glance and double-take).

Where do you fall on the chart below?

SSS Sat 2

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