Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Teaser, where we give you a just a taste of wisdom from the DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Book 

With mobile poised as one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the market, these days it may seem shocking if a business does not have its website optimized for mobile use.  When I eagerly open a link on my smartphone, only to groan at tiny print and a layout that is near impossible to navigate on my screen without zooming in too close to be practical, I often wonder: What could the reasons be for this neglect? 

Here is a chart listing the most common reasons that companies cite for not optimizing their sites for mobile:


By far, the most common reason is simply a lack of budget.  Tied for second place: not making mobile users a top priority, versus lack of oversight or human resources.  Based on this, perhaps I will have more compassion the next time I open up a poorly optimized site on my smartphone.

How does your company plan to handle mobile optimization?  Any anecdotes for us?  Drop your questions or feedback in the comments section, and remember to stick around Saturday, when we discuss the popularity and growth of various cell phone functions over the past few years!


Our Saturday Stats and Tuesday Teasers come to you each week leading up to our DMA2013 Conference in Chicago. To take a deeper dive into the material covered in the Fact Book, please click here. 

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