DMA 360 is a cutting edge, custom built platform that allows members of the DMA to keep up with the rapidly changing marketing landscape. DMA 360 allows buyers of media and marketing services to learn the best new marketing techniques and to discover the best new media and marketing service companies. Every Thursday, we deliver some of the top insights from the platform in Thursday 360.

Appetite for Disruption

Inspiration from Facebook Global Creative Shop, Creative Lead – Tom Gilmartin.

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What Matters Most to Millennials?

Are you struggling to market to the millenial audience? You need to know what makes them engage with your brand, so read this primer on how and when they act and what you can do to work with them better.

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Worth the Wait

This first video in the series features Jessica Banks, a furniture designer whose background in human robotics is translated into one of a kind furniture designs that interact with their environments in unique and unexpected ways. This video is our latest piece of branded video content and an excellent combination of our key learnings from our video work to date. Showcasing her exceptional attention to detail and elegant design aesthetic helped accomplish our goal of elevating Avion’s perception amongst consumers while emphasizing the role inefficiency can play in crafting exceptional products. Based on user engagement with previous videos we focused less on traditionally “influential” or recognizable talent and more on finding talent whose unconventional method and inherently visual products could carry the piece. One of our main goals with this video was to utilize key learnings from past campaigns to enhance the number of video views to completion. To accomplish this goal, we worked closely with our social media director on the script structure and included attention-grabbing stock footage and impactful pull quotes animated on-screen throughout. Additionally, we leverage our proprietary database to amplify this video to a custom cohort pre-disposed to engage with food, spirits and design content. Through this strategic approach we saw a view to completion rate that was over double our average to date. In addition to an above average view to completion rate we saw enormous success with our affinity targeting on social and over-delivered by 150K views after only the second week of this month-long campaign which runs through the end of August 2016.

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