For nearly 100 years, DMA has invested marketers with an ability to examine everything through the light of reason.   We aim to provide disarmingly fresh tools, exceptional connections and the most powerful voice in marketing.  When I work with visionaries among our membership, I can see how they – and DMA with them – are shifting the cultural landscape of marketing today.   

In the spirit of crowdsourcing our ideas, I share here some of the thinking  coming out of these conversations which I hope will inspire you to re-imagine your own data-driven marketing opportunity.

The jumping-off point of our journey begins with the exploration of six points of re-imagination—each designed to raise questions and challenge everything within the known data-driven marketing universe.  There are no sacred cows.


Vision is the essential first step on every extraordinary journey.  True marketing insight is a synthesis of intuition, extrapolation, and pattern recognition – made all the clearer by real data.  Data-driven marketing visionaries have the ability to see accurately where markets, technologies and trends are headed.


There are no heroes in marketing today.  Success is the built on a framework of agile, interdisciplinary teams. DMA members represent some of the most productive, talented and creative people around the world, across all industries.


Relationship design is a prerequisite for turning consumers into customers.  And extraordinary marketers know that great relationships begin with data.  Central to our journey is how brand engineering and marketing artistry synthesize into winning customer relationships.


Success requires ongoing people and process development.  Learning matters. A disciplined approach to continuing education allows the best marketers to consistently outperform their competition.


A single-minded devotion to the principles of performance-based marketing has driven our industry forward.  Beyond brand positioning—beyond clever advertising—beyond the next and newest shiny object;  the rest of the world is waking up to what data-driven marketers have known for a century: Performance is what really matters.


Data is what makes marketing more than just the sum of its parts. Data provides that elusive “something extra” that acts as an accelerate and enhancement to the overall marketing mix. Data-driven marketing is more than just an assembly of the 4 Ps (or 5, or 7, or whatever we are up to these days).  Data stewardship, leadership, vision, brand charisma, and cultural bonds all play a critical role in infusing marketing magic.

Please comment below and tell us how you are embracing (or building) on these six points (or others?) for the re-imagination of your own brand in our modern marketing arena.

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