Okay, I am excited.  Can you blame me?  It’s Superbowl time and I don’t care a bit about the game. I am excited to watch the work of all my busy marketing and advertising peers as their integrated and increasingly data driven campaigns premiere. Nowadays we don’t just have to wait for the infamous “commercials” during the game – the marketing frenzy starts weeks before the big game – SOCIAL, SEARCH, EMAIL, DISPLAY even THE MAIL — I know I am yelling but it is just THAT EXCITING!

So, by now you are saying to yourself “Ok, what is the point of your post….”.

Today, I was lucky enough to take a walk through Bryant Park and Superbowl Boulevard  in NYC where Verizon has their “charging tent” set up.  Inside there was more than just a place to charge your phone and get a hot cocoa but, lots of data-driven interactive stations to help you be part of the excitement of the big game. The station that really caught my eye was the #WhosGonnaWin area.


Verizon is using social media and the data from it to decide which team’s colors gets to dominate the Empire State Building each night. Each day for the seven leading up to the game, Verizon posts a question and  tagging your team in the Twitter response and a vote gets logged.

If this is not cool enough all the DATA both historical and real time is trending on their site – check it out and let me know what you think!



The purpose of this campaign, sponsored by Verizon Wireless, was to drive more people to interact with and even stream sporting events from their Verizon powered mobile devices.


Hopefully, their results are great and they submit the campaign for a DMA Echo Award or let me use it for a Education case study.  (hint hint!)


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