Last summer,  KPMG asked C-level executives about their big data strategies, and more than half responded to say that big data is changing everything we know.

Respondents said that they were devoting more resources to increasing their capacity to deal with big data, not necessarily improving their understanding or expertise in it.

So, the question remains – have we really mastered Big Data yet?

An article by eMarketer indicates that most companies are still falling short in understanding how to utilize big data, or in having access to the right data, despite many efforts to address these shortcomings.

Nearly half of all respondents said that they would be “increasing the capacity (either hardware or personnel) to analyze big data,” but only one in four reported “putting insights garnered from big data into practice in a timely way” as a priority.

It would seem that, for now, businesses are still seeking to make sure they have the ability and capacity to analyze big data, but fewer have reached the step where they gain insights from that data and put those insights into practice.  It will still take some time before most businesses are using big data in a systematic way.  Every step counts!

You can read more about these studies at eMarketer to see full statistics and charts. If you are looking to gain better insights from your data, or learn about best practices in the industry, DMA Education offers a wide variety of courses both on- and off-line to best meet your needs.  We are also offering an upcoming webinar on May 7, “The ABC’s of Contextual Marketing,” which will show attendees how to leverage customer data while keeping the context and the consumer in mind.  Register today and we can help your company overcome the challenges of mastering big data!


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