Mobile is eating the worldThis great slideshare on the mobile ecosystem from industry analyst Benedict Evans got me thinking about how mobile is becoming the omnipresent definer of customer experience.  Mobile has quickly moved beyond being a marketing channel.

Mr. Evans talks about the “four horsemen” of mobile – Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook.  He also notes in this same slideshare that Apple cares about the “mobile ecosystem” — which drives hardware sales; while the other three care about the device experience — which drives engagement with their services.

If Mr. Evans is correct — that “Mobile is Eating the World” (the title of this slideshare) — and I think he may be — then data driven marketers need to be thinking about mobile at a new level. It’s not a channel (although an application can be a marketing channel and email on devices can be a channel, blah blah blah);  Mobile is now a consumption tool.

And that, my data-driven friends, is is both empowering and daunting.

How is your content, data and multi-channel strategy changing and keeping up with the mobile ecosystem?

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