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Michelin Stars and Marketing Success

For this campaign InsideHook decided to keep the same service-oriented approach applied to TAG’s TwentyFourSeven while leveraging influential talent, in this case Chef Ludo, to help amplify interest and engagement amongst our audience of affluent adventure-seekers. When amplifying this content on social we went one step further than simply targeting a lookalike audience and created a custom audience cohort deemed most likely to engage with the content based on their identified interests in the realms of food and travel as well as their proven affinity for similar types of content based on their content consumption history. This ability to target by affinity is especially relevant and successful for InsideHook since the nature of our content is niche, interest based as opposed to news and pop culture we are able to gain a deep understanding of our audience’s genuine content affinities. This affinity targeting proved much more valuable and predictive of user engagement than the influencer component did, which showed us that our audience is much more interested in the experience being shown than the “experiencer” or rather the talent shown within the context of the experience.

Join renowned Chef Ludo on a gastro-tour of Emirates Airlines marketing


A Fresh Approach

IBM Case Study: Fresh Direct Holistic View of Customer

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Rich and Immersive Experiences

Director of Enterprise Applications at Holland America Line, Therron Hofsetz, shares his take on the future of digital marketing in 15 seconds including where machine learning meets the cruise ship industry.

Discover the main ingredient to marketing success for Holland America

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