Omnichannel. Of all the marketing buzzwords that have emerged over the last two decades, perhaps no other has resonated as strongly as this one.

But marketers are facing major hurdles to advancing effective omnichannel campaigns. New research from DMA and Winterberry Group finds that 72% of marketers indicate their organizations are pursuing cross-channel recognition, but a mere 9% of respondents currently recognize customers across media channels on a consistent basis. The new white paper, “From Theory to Practice: A Roadmap to ‘Omnichannel’ Activation,” features the results of a research effort conducted by Winterberry Group and sponsored by Acxiom, Criteo and SG360o.

“In the case of mobile, marketers have been able to recognize its potential, but are not yet placing it as a ‘first choice’ channel for any of the use cases surveyed and yet mobile’s growth is explosive as a channel,” says Neil O’Keefe, DMA’s SVP of CRM & Member Engagement.

“Marketers need to build and leverage their own omnichannel roadmaps—leveraging the broadest number of media channels, consistent data access and an overarching infrastructure aimed at powering real-time engagement,” says Jonathan Margulies, Managing Director, Winterberry Group.

omnichannel-marketing-statisticRecognition, Engagement and Orchestration to the Rescue

The white paper identifies three universal ingredients to successful omnichannel campaigns: 1) recognition of individual consumers, 2) engagement with those consumers and 3) orchestration of content and data flows across channels. Nearly half of panelists (49%) felt that better integration of their existing marketing technology would most advance their omnichannel marketing efforts; 40% percent selected better recognition capabilities for matching consumers across channels, while 37% called out better internal data management processes.

Where marketers are succeeding in the deployment of omnichannel strategies, they’re doing so thanks largely to the contributions of the supply chain partners—including agencies, data providers and other third parties that support the execution of those underlying programs. With the large majority of marketers pursuing omnichannel recognition strategies, it is critical the industry works together to identify and implement sustainable solutions that will allow brands to know customers across all marketing channels.

Other DMA Tools for Omnichannel Success

“DMA has made it a priority to deliver cross-channel solutions to our members and the industry, building on our world-class education and research offerings with DMA’s Cross-Device ID Initiative,” added O’Keefe. “This initiative has brought together the buy and sell side of the industry to tackle the challenges associated cross-device identification technology, and we encourage the industry to integrate the Cross-Device ID RFI Template into their business efforts.”

DMA’s Omnichannel White Paper is available for download at this link on DMA’s website. On January 17th, 2017, DMA will host a webinar featuring research sponsors and experts from DMA and Winterberry Group.

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