With a bit more than a week left to vote, and the ECHO Gala right around the corner, we’ve seen some of the top creative talent in the world enter into fierce competition to be the first winner of the ECHO Throwdown. With over 250 votes in, and 50,000+ impressions on social media, entries are neck and neck for the top spot! To give you a quick overview of the current standings, we’ve pulled out the top six entries below featuring the likes of RAPP, FCB/SIX, Ogilvy & more!

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What’s the ECHO Throwdown?

The Data & Marketing Association has launched the first ever ECHO THROWDOWN competition. You get to see all of the finalist videos and “Up Vote” the one(s) you think are best. It’s a simple vote-based award where you and your colleagues get to choose their favourite ECHO campaign(s).

This new award will be presented at &THEN in front of thousands of other marketers. So, be sure to pick the best and share with your friends and social networks.

The Top Six

Toyota 4Runner Wilderness Therapy
RAPP Los Angeles

We needed to speak to a broad audience of existing Toyota 4Runner owners, handraisers who had expressed interest in the vehicle, and the adventurous at heart who hold a deep affinity and respect for the wild, as well as an itch to explore it. Toyota needed to reach an annual sales goal of 110K and increase market share to 5.3%. Read More

Buscapé Black Friday Live

Buscapé is the largest website and app to compare prices of products and services in Latin America. The target audience was all consumers, all genders, ABC classes, 18+, connected to the internet. The strategic objective was to go further than price comparison in the most relevant sales date of the year: increase the reach to all consumers, obtain a remarkable number of sales and prove that Buscape’s Black Friday has really true offers. Read More

Click Banco de Varejo Itau A Great Behavior Change
RAPP Brazil

Itau is the largest Brazilian Bank right now. To solve their most common questions, its 35,000 contributors generated 750,000 calls per month at 29 Call Centers. In order to reduce the flow and increase productivity, an online tool was developed: Click Banco de Varejo. Its early release ended up causing image problems that were soon resolved and required a repositioning campaign. Read More

The Call That Comes After

Driving while high on marijuana is becoming more prevalent than drunk driving among young drivers in Canada. Research showed the most effective way to change a teen’s behaviour in relation to drugs is very simple: by having their parents talk to them about it. So how could Drug-Free Kids Canada enable parents to talk to their teens about the dangers of driving high? Our measurable objective was to enable 7000 conversations between parents and teens. Read More

Inmarsat Aviation: Bring it On
OgilvyOne Business

Inmarsat needed to sell GX Aviation airline passenger broadband directly for the first time to airlines, to avoid intermediaries eroding profit margin. We faced two problems. Inmarsat had little awareness or credibility in the sector. And Inmarsat was faced with the challenge of engaging an audience it didn’t understand. Customer insight was needed to drive a high-impact marketing strategy to 1) Create awareness, 2) Engage and educate decision-makers, and 3) Drive sales. Read More

The Doll That Chose to Drive
Proximity Barcelona

Traditionally, the automobile industry has been a man’s world. In the collective imagination, men are the drivers, and women are simply passengers along for the ride. The Audi brand promotes and implements a socially egalitarian model, but this had never been explicitly communicated. This campaign was intended to ignite a conversation about the role of women in the automotive world and overturn the stereotypes. Read More


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