Matt Baehr is DMA’s VP of Content & Communities

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 12 months since the DMA became the Data & Marketing Association. When we launched the rebrand last October, we showed a great video that was capped off with the statement “Whoever understands people the best, wins.” That sentiment was reiterated at our most recent Regional Roundtables in Denver and Boston.

At our Denver event sponsored by rDialogue, we had an insightful panel of marketers from the hospitality industry speak about their use of data within their campaigns. The panel agreed that their goal was to use the data they were able to collect to try to make a holistic experience for all guests. Whether that data is transactional or behavioral, it all needs to feed into systems and processes that allow the marketer to show that they understand their people. Most agreed that the largest challenges come with processes and internal culture. Teams need to be more flexible and willing to adapt.

While at our Boston Roundtable sponsored by eClerx, personalization took center stage. Andy Frawley, DMA Board Member and former CEO of Epsilon, discussed key trends in personalization and how customer journeys are changing. The old notion of a linear customer experience with your brand is no longer the case. Companies need to look at the data they have from all channels and do their best to integrate their advertising into that customer experience.

Stephen Yu, Practice Head of Advanced Analytics & Insights at eClerx, described personalization best as connecting the dots between Technology, Content, Analytics and Data. Similarly, Matt Garrett, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Implementation at rDialogue, talked about using the data and analytics to serve up content via the best technology for an individual.

No matter which way you say it, it all boils down to the need to understand people in order to win.

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