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Guest Blogger Guidelines

  • All blog content will be reviewed by our DMA editors prior to publication. We reserve the right to edit or trim.
  • Maintain the Thought Leadership mission of the blog.
    • Original content is most welcome.
    • Survey results, trend topics are welcome. Infographics and whitepapers are welcome, as long as the blog post is content driven and not a pure promotion of the document.
    • Stuck for a topic? Consider commenting on an article you saw somewhere else! (You’ll want to link to it from our blog)
  • No pure promotions – everything is content driven as knowledge-sharing, informational thought leadership.
    • Do not exclusively quote people from your own company.
    • Case studies are welcome as long as they are not vendor promotions.
  • Let your personality shine. Have fun.
  • Include relevant links out to the reputable publishers and other bloggers.
  • Authors must be senior level thought leaders. Practitioners are most appropriate. Consultants or agencies must be senior level, recognized thought leaders. Sales and vendor marketing/PR roles are rarely appropriate thought leaders on these topics.
  • Length sweet spot is 450-500 words. Up to 750 words is also okay. Shorter posts that highlight an interesting fact, stat or outside resources are also fine. Tell the story in however many words it takes, and no more.
  • Images must be owned by the author or in public use. Please attach a small (less than 1 M file) jpeg or similar image. No outside image links will be accepted.

Got an idea? Need more info? Just email or call Mike Uehlein at 202-861-2441.

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